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PDR course

PDR Training

Paintless Dent Repair


Straightening car bodies without repainting, a job learned abroad and put into practice in Romania

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Google Reviews

  • Csaba Zuchiathi

    May 5, 2023
    "An experience like any experience in a car service should be. I recommend it to all those who have gone through unpleasant adventures with various tinsmith workshops and want their car repaired in a professional way, without putty and without the need to repaint the elements."
  • Andrei Surdan

    June 27, 2022
    "The best!!! PDR courses!"
  • Ciprian Tomoiaga

    April 18, 2022
    "Bogdan is a real pro! I went to see him after hitting a small pole while reversing. I was afraid I'd need a lot of filling and a paint job, but he assured me I can keep the original paint of my car. Indeed, he fixed the dent and I can no longer tell where it was. Super appreciated that he was correct in pricing and efficient in getting the job done: I got the car the next day"
  • Florin Restea

    April 18, 2022
  • Bogdan Opritescu

    April 17, 2022
    "I recommend with confidence!! Bogdan professionally explains the basics of this job!"
  • Bogdan AB

    April 16, 2022
    “Fixed quickly without grouting and painting. The best solution. I recommend!"
  • Dear Peter

    October 20, 2020
    "Professionals! I recommend! My car hit by hail now looks as good as when it was new, I'm glad that not a single element had to be repainted! Thank you!"
  • Gerard Varga

    September 1, 2021
    "Professionals! I recommend"

    Participate in PDR Training
    and learn how to straighten car bodies affected by hail

    What you will know immediately after completing the PDR (Hail Damage Repair Course):

    • How to straighten hail bends on 10-20mm diameter iron or aluminum members

    • How to position yourself in front of a bend so you can see it very clearly

    • How do you choose the optimal method to straighten it

    • How do you make sure the job is done well?

    • How do you calculate the value of the damage?

    • How to quickly become a popular PDR technician.

    In short, you will have a substantial income from a clean job and impossible to copy without professional training.

    Did you know that car manufacturers are increasingly using aluminum alloys in car construction? The climate changes that have occurred in recent years due to global warming come as support to ensure a future in this profession. This shows us that PDR technicians who can straighten Aluminum elements will be more sought after and better paid. If you want to learn a new and well-paid job in the automotive field, the PDR technique is the ideal solution. In addition, PDR techniques are easy to learn and apply because you have quality information at your disposal, presented simply and clearly.

    Time schedule

    Day 1

    Part I
    Theory: Introduction to the PDR technique.

    • Presentation of applied techniques
    • Introducing the tools and how to use them
    • Positioning the lamp and the technician relative to it

    Part II.
    Practice: Straightening bends up to 1 cm, on a hood fixed on the stand

    Day 2

    Carrying out repairs directly on the car
    Straightening horizontal bends of up to 1 cm (bonnet, trunk lid and roof)

    Day 3

    Straightening vertical bends (front/rear fenders and doors)

    Day 4

    Part I
    Straightening of aluminum elements

    Part II.
    Straightening by gluing the elements without internal access (eg: flag frame)

    Day 5

    Part I
    Removal of hood and roof upholstery

    Part II.
    Hail damage calculation method
    Awarding of diplomas

    PDR Training – Hail damage repair course

    2000 €

    + VAT

    The bends on the bodywork can also be solved by non-conventional methods


    Reduced repair time


    New and innovative technology


    Simple procedures and easy to apply


    Low costs
    Cheaper than the classic methods that boil down to hot straightening, grouting and repainting.
    Repair time is much shorter.
    We fix kinks because we have a passion for this job that many call art. We have experience in this field, we do not do experiments on customers' cars!
    Str. Paleu no. 2
    postal code 410117, Oradea, Romania